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This page is designed to display the various ways the GUI portion (X Windows) can be configured to totally configure the look of your machine.

 KDE - Kool Desktop Environment   

KDE is designed to look very much like a Windows (tm) based interface - it is a fast, useful and compliant Window Manager that has an extensive array of applications which conform to it's overall design.


Blackbox is a ICCCM complaint Windowmanager which is designed to be lightweight with a low memory consumption. Blackbox is best used on X Windows systems that have low (12 Meg or less) memory.  


Enlightenment - Choice of a new power generation. E began life as an FVWM variant, however Rasterman & Mandrake have done an excellent job in turning it into a fully useable WM. E is not for use by people with memory constraints, requiring between 24 and 64 meg of RAM to run well - don't let this put you off, E is a fully ICCCM compliant, fully themeable, customisable WM that is also GNOME compliant.

 Window Maker

Window Maker - WM has been built around the NEXTSTEP interface that "black" hardware made famous. WM has a light memory footprint, is fully themeable, has many user definable preferences and more. It can be used on older systems as well as more powerful ones.


GNOME - Not a Window Manager (you need to use one of the above WM's as well as GNOME) is a complete desktop environment - comprising many small applets and larger applications to form an X Windows "experience" GNOME is also fully themeable (through the use of GTK-Themes) and completely customisable.


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