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Step by Step Easy Guide


To Install a, PCI slot, USB or Ethernet Network Card

1.  Hardware Installation

Important Notes:       Before handling the board, ground yourself using a grounding strap attached to the computers metal frame. If you don't have a grounding strap, bring the card, in it's antistatic packaging, to the computer and ground yourself and the card by touching the computer metal case to discharge any static build up on your body and the card wrapping.

Static build up occurs on the body by walking around, so once the card is removed from the packaging refrain from moving away from the computer.

Static charges on your body can damage electronic components. Handle plug-in cards by the edge, do not touch the electronic components or the gold connector contacts.

Make sure you have a philips (cross recess) screw driver handy.

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Figure 1.


There, that wasn't so hard - the physical Installation is now complete!


2.  Software Installation

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