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[NCR Logo] NCR Retail Solutions Group has integrated the Edgeport series of serial port expansion modules into their next-generation NT 4.0 POS systems. [edgeport 4]
[IBM Global Services] IBM Global Services incorporates Edgeports into NT 4.0 touch screen e-business solutions for their corporate and government customers.
[MBE Logo] Mail Boxes Etc. is utilizing Edgeports in its NT 4.0 POS systems
currently rolling out to over 2,500 franchises nationwide.

Edgeport POS Solution

[Edgeport Soutions] The EdgeportTM is an intelligent, stackable expansion module that connects to a POS PC via the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port, providing two, four,or eight high-speed RS-232 serial ports.
  • No hassle installation in three minutes.
  • Eliminate configuration issues associated with last generation card solutions (no PC slots required) and no IRQ conflicts.
  • Avoid powring down the system and opening the chassis.

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